Movie Review: Krishnarjuna Yuddham

RATING: 2.5/5

OVERVIEW: Krishna (Nani) is a good-natured villager whose only frustration in life is that no girl ever falls for him. His mother and all-weather friends (Mahesh Vitta and Sudarshan) are his world. He falls for Dr. Riya (Rukshar Dhillon), a fashionable girl. This is in Chittoor.

REVIEW: Somewhere in Prague, Arjun (Nani, again) is a calculated and cold rockstar who is a womanizer to boot. He woos Subbalakshmi (Anupama Parameswaran) with the intention to have a one-night stand with her, only to later realize that he is a changed man after unwittingly falling in love with her.

The lives of Krishna and Arjun are destined to go for a toss when Riya and Subbalakshmi fall in big trouble. It’s now up to the two guys to race against time to save their respective soulmates from a life of condemnation. The second half is all about this.

REVIEW:Nani enjoyed playing Krishna, who mouths dialogue in Chittoor accent. He is superb in comedy scenes and keeps the spirits alive in the first half with his timing. As a rockstar Nani couldn’t impress much. The swag and style associated with a rockstar is totally missing. Nani tried his best to penetrate into the masses with heavy duty action, but comedy and emotions seems to be his forte.

Anupama is alright in a one dimensional character. Rukshar has a camera friendly face and did okay as another female lead. Brahmaji offers some rib tickling moments as Arjun’s manager. Sudarshan, Mahesh and Prabhas Srinu are good in their respective roles.

Hip Hop Tamizha music is a big hit even before the film’s release. Dhaari Choodu song has become the top number in the audio album. All the other songs have come out well too. There are no intense scenes in the movie because of which the background score could not elevate the film properly. The cinematography by Karthik Gattamaneni is beautiful. Every frame looks vibrant and colorful. The producers have spent a lot of money for the making of the movie and every penny spent is evident on the screen. The new producers have maintained proper and lavish production values. The editing by Satya G is good.

Final verdict of the film is Krishna (Nani) characterization throughout the film is good and decent comedy in first half is the USP of this film. However, second half lacks engaging value and songs in this half are not appealing.