Movie Review: Chal Mohana Ranga

RATING: 2.75/5

OVERVIEW: Chal Mohana Ranga stars Nithiin and Megha Akash in the main roles. Nithiin is seen in the role of Mohan Ranga. Ranga’s dream is to settle down in the US. He is appointed to a job at the US. He meets Megha in the US and they both start to love each other.Even before they propose to each other, they just keep mum and there is a reason behind that. What is the reason behind their break up?After some time, Megha and Mohan Ranga get to meet each other another time because of destiny. What is the factor that made them meet again? Will they express their love or move on etc must be watched in the theaters only.

REVIEW: ‘Chal Mohan ranga’ has a predictable storyline but dashed with Trivikram mark witty dialogues and punches throughout. As movie begins Mohan Ranga’s struggle to get US visa is portrayed. After he gets Visa, visits USA and meets Megha coincidentally. In a road trip, as he interacts more with Megha, love blooms between them. Entire first half is situational comedy and connects more with NRIs. Second half, after the lead pair moves to coonor (Ooty) there are three non-stop comedy sequences which are the crux of this film. There are many dialogues which appear to have Trivikram mark. Unless someone tells you those were not written by trivikram, you will take it granted as Trivikram dialogues. Is it influence or ghost work? The love track did not work much, as the main focus remained on comedy only. There are no high or low moments in the film, script runs in flat graph. “Peddha Puli “a hyderabadi folk song stands out in terms of songs. Miami song is also peppy and youthful. However, rest of the songs some were good on audio but could have been better onscreen.

Nithiin is fabulous. If there has to be a top reason to watch the movie and be engaged to the narrative even at the most dullest points, it is due to him. The actor has found a niche in romantic genre, he is like fish in water and smoothly handles the proceedings. It also helps that he has developed an excellent restraint and allows certain moments to breathe.

Megha Akash looks beautiful. The chemistry between Megha Akash and Nithiin is a good spectacle.Rao Ramesh has done a very good job as usual. Madhu, Prabhas Srinu etc have done justification.

Director Krishna Chaitanya had his task cut out the moment he chose a story that is based on two simple lines. The narrative has to be sharp and fun-filled to make an impact and grab audience attention. Unfortunately, the director only succeeds partially.

Chal Mohan Ranga has decent production values for this limited budget film.S.Thaman Songs and Background score is plus point to the Film. Nataraj Subramaniam picturization is good.But Chaitanya‘s direction starts off the film on a good note through the first half but later his narration lacks the buzz as the story has nothing much in it with not many engaging twists. He makes things better by adding some light-hearted moments here and there but as a complete package, there is not much feel in the love story.