Britain lags 20 to 30 percent of productivity in low-paid jobs

Vastavam web: Low-paid jobs in Britain are marked by particularly poor levels of productivity compared with those in other major economies, explaining part of Britain’s struggle to squeeze more output from its workers, research showed on Friday.Over the past 10 years Britain’s productivity growth – which is key to improving living standards – was the weakest since modern records began and appears to be the slowest since the early 1820s, when Britain was emerging from the Napoleonic wars.

Agriculture, arts, entertainment and recreation were among the poorest performing sectors for productivity in Britain, and bad management appeared to play a major role, NIESR said.“Increasing levels of skill and rates of capital investment in low-wage sectors can play a part in closing the UK’s relative productivity gap with other countries,” NIESR researcher John Forth said.

“However, the UK’s weakness in these sectors lies at least as much in how skills and technologies are put to use, and so close attention must also be given to management practices and the organisation of work.”