Movie Review: Rangasthalam


OVERVIEW: Rangasthalam is an uncomplicated, familiar story set in 1980s era. Chittibabu ( Ram Charan) , a village youngster, lives life to fullest despite being partially deaf. He goes all out to support his Dubai returned elder brother Kumar Babu ( Adi Pinisetty). Ruthless baddy Phanindra Bhupati ( Jagapathi Babu ) is the president of Rangasthalam village for continuous 30 years. He kills anyone who dares to question his atrocities. After a sequence of incidents, Kumar Babu revolts against the president, files nomination against him in upcoming elections. Rest of the story is how Chittibabu helps his brother and deals with the consequences.

REVIEW: Ram Charan is a revelation. He has truly arrived as an actor. It is not only his best performance yet but also one of finest in recent times. He got into the skin of the character and lived every moment on the screen as Chitti Babu. There is not a single wrong note in his performance as he elevates every emotion with his flawless act. His performance in the climax scene and the scene where he confronts Jagapati Babu during puja is a major highlight. It is Ram Charan’s show all the way.

Samantha is a fine actress and she has made Rama Lakshmi adorable. It is yet another feather in her cap. Jagapati Babu’s characterisation, his demeanour as the soft spoken evil man is splendid. We get to see other side of the actor who has aced playing the bad guy. Aadhi Pinishetty is very good. He elevates drama with subtle expressions. His performance in the interval scene and the scene where he puts a knife to his neck is superb. Prakash Raj is competent in a limited but crucial role. Anasuya is good as voluptuous Rangammatha. Every actor is aptly cast and plays a significant part in taking the story forward.

Music director Devi Sri Prasad has breathed life into the proceedings with his music. He has given excellent songs that suit the narrative and also a powerful background score. The cinematography by Rathnavelu is excellent. The editing could have been better at times. However, the real highlight of the movie in technical department is the art. They have done an extraordinary job.

Final verdict of the film is Rangasthalam is a riveting village drama which has some electrifying moments at regular intervals.Ram Charan’s unexpected stellar performance, meticulous artwork to portray 80s ambience of a rustic village.