Every household would provide safe drinking water by 2020: Lokesh

Vastavam web: Andhra Pradesh IT, Panchayat Raj and Rural Development minister Lokesh said Drinking Water Corporation has been constituted with a target to provide quality and safe drinking water to every household and the government would spend Rs 22,000 crore for this project. Speaking in the Assembly on Monday, Lokesh said the State government was giving top priority for drinking water and had spent Rs 17,011 crore during the last four years for providing drinking water facility to 6,197 habitations across the State.

Lokesh said 23,493 habitations were fully covered with 55 LPCD drinking water supply schemes, 24,425 habitations were without 55 LPCD drinking water supply and 48,363 habitations have to be provided safe drinking water.“We are using the method of ionization of water for purification of drinking water. After we started to use this method, there is 30% of reduction in OP (outpatients) in Primary Health Centres in villages. Unsafe drinking water is one of the main reasons for deceases in villages,” he said.

The Minister said Drinking Water Corporation was constituted with a target that all households must be provided safe drinking water by 2020.We will implement the action plan in two phases under hybrid annuity model. Around 15,000 km length pipeline can be laid connecting thousands of households in all districts,” he said. Responding to the allegations made against him by opposition parties, Lokesh said he never colluded with anybody on any issue. “Some people say that I am giving all contracts works relating to drinking water projects to one contract agency only.