Personal diary of Kennedys’ WH nanny up for auction

Vastavam web: The personal diary of the White House nanny during the Kennedy administration, which details the development of Caroline and John Kennedy Jr between 1957 and 1962, may fetch USD 2,800 at an auction.The diary of Maud Shaw, which contains 22 handwritten pages, covers the emergence of teeth, first steps, first words, illnesses, and a detailed record of their nutritional intake.Regarding Caroline, Shaw notes in July-August 1959, “Says Da-Da, laughs very loudly, play pat-a-cake.”

Most notably, under the first entry for John, “born 25th November 1960,” Shaw notes that he was two weeks premature.”Weight 6 lbs 3 ozs, slow gaining weight, put on full strength Simalax a Beef, 3 times daily at 4 weeks, I look on John, 28th Feb 1961,” she wrote.
“Thank you so much for The Finding Out Treasury. It is so good. I read about how Smallpox Vaccination was invented. It was very interesting. I didn’t have time to read anything else as I was busy opening presents. John loves his book too,” Caroline wrote in one letter.

Another letter, postmarked March 26, 1967, says, “I miss you. We are in Mexico now. It is beautiful!” Shaw remained in the Kennedys’ employ for more than seven years and became one of the most trusted, and evidently adored, adult influences on the closely protected Kennedy children.

Held in such high regard by the Kennedys, Shaw was given her own private quarters in the White House, where she could be reached at a moment’s notice.When the president and first lady were tasked with other matters, Shaw became the fixed parental figure, and it was Shaw who ultimately informed five-year-old Caroline that her father had died.