Vastavam Dance Contest 2018 – Winners & Runners

Vastavam Kuchipudi and Bharatanatyam dance contest 2018 results 

Vastavam Team has conducted Kuchipudi and Bharatanatyam Dance contest for the year 2018 in PA and NJ states, on March 10th, 11th and 17th. There were 82 kids participated in this contest from different age groups.

The judges have finalized the winners and runners of the contest from different age groups.

Selection criteria is based on the score of each contestant out of 100 points. Minimum points to be eligible for the title is 80. Contestants who score less than 80 points were not qualified.

All videos of the contest will be uploaded to to videos section. Please subscribe to to get notified once the videos are uploaded.

Winners and Runners have to attend “Vastavam Community Awards 2018 “ event to receive the trophies on the stage. In case any one can not attend the event, please reach out to the organizers by emailing to

Winners from PA and NJ will contest On April 7th @ 4pm  in Edison,  New Jersey, for Regional Title. In case any winner can not attend the finals , runners will be given the opportunity to contest for the Regional Title.

All winners please communicate to vastavam2016@gmail for more details about the final contest and RSVP by March 30th.

Note: 1) Regional finals is only for age groups 11-14 and 15-18 from both Kuchipudi and Bharatanatyam categories.  2) The audio/song for the finals should not exceed 5 minutes. 

Title Name of the participant Age Group
Kuchipudi Winner PA Sneha Indrakanti 11-14
Kuchipudi Runner PA Shrinija Dandibhotla 11-14
Kuchipudi Winner PA Anjali Talluru 15-18
Kuchipudi Runner PA Anjali Sukhavasi 15-18
Bharatanatyam Winner PA Sasya Muchivolu 15-18
Bharatanatyam Runner PA Anjali Gowri Talluru 15-18
Bharatanatyam Winner PA Nikhala Kumar 11-14
Bharatanatyam Runner PA Desika Arumugam 11-14
Bharatanatyam Winner PA Vaishnavi Ullas Menon 8-10
Bharatanatyam Runner PA Shivani Rajeshwaran 8-10
Kuchipudi Winner NJ Akshitha Singathi 15-18
Kuchipudi Runner NJ none 15-18
Kuchipudi Winner NJ Sahasra Karri 11-14
Kuchipudi Runner NJ Saanvi Kunisetty 11-14
Kuchipudi Winner NJ Hanshika Yaduguru 8-10
Kuchipudi Runner NJ Jasmitha Sappa 8-10
Kuchipudi Winner NJ Not Qualified 6-7
Kuchipudi Runner NJ 6-7
Bharatanatyam Winner NJ Rishika Bandamede 15-18
Bharatanatyam Runner NJ None 15-18
Bharatanatyam Winner NJ Priyal Goyal 11-14
Bharatanatyam Runner NJ Keerthana Ashok 11-14
Bharatanatyam Winner NJ Anusha Vakkalagadda 8-10
Bharatanatyam Runner NJ Vaibhavi Bandaru 8-10
Bharatanatyam Winner NJ Not Qualified 6-7
Bharatanatyam Runner NJ 6-7