Movie Review: Rajaratham


OVERVIEW: Avantika Shetty (Meghana), Abhi (Nirup Bhandari) studying in different branches in a single engineering college. In admission time, Abhi will fall in love with Meghana. Till last year he will follow her. But Meghana does not know about him. She is in love with another person. Unexpectedly, they travel in side-by-side seats on the Rajaradham bus. So what happens next? To know rest of the story watch the film on big screens.

REVIEW: Touted to be a romantic-comedy, ‘Rajaratham’ actually turns out to be a road film with distinct sensibilities. The bus is full of atypical or downright buffoonish characters who are not really friendly towards one another. Director Anup Bhandari leverages this aspect of the story to create a whole lot of fun situations – a fairly noteworthy effort gone wrong for want of nativity, among others.

Undoubtedly, Nirup Bhandari is going to be a huge star in the industry. From his expressions, terrific acting to amazing dancing moves, he is all set to rock the industry. He has improved a lot from his last film Rangitaranga and did a challenging role and impressed the audience.

On the other hands, Avantika Shetty did a great job with her performance and she looks gorgeous. As Vishwa, Arya steals the show completely. Actors Vinaya Prasad and Ravishankar are definitely a visual treat for the audience. Vinaya once again proved her mettle at the box office and Ravishankar’s performance at top notch. Last but not the least, Rana Daggubati’s voice over is a feast for the fans with his amazing sense of humor and he is the main dose of entertainment.

Anup Bhadari came up with interesting storyline but he failed in his execution. The Cinematography work by William David is superb as he captured a few natural locations in the interiors well. Editing is good. Music by Anup Bhandari is impressive. The art direction is top notch. Production values are rich.

Final verdict of the film Rajaratham is one of the best films released so far. Rajaratham runs like a musical in most parts. Abhi is a musician and the music help blossom his equation with Megha. The movie carries good social message but flat narration makes things difficult for the audience.