Movie Review: MLA

RATING: 2.5/5

OVERVIEW: Kalyan (Kalyan Ram Nandamuri) shifts to Bangalore along with his Sister (Lasya) and her husband (Vennela Kishore) and joins for a job. He comes across Indu (Kajal Aggarwal) while roaming in Bangalore and falls for her. He follows her but she is against it. She comes as daughter of chairman for the company which Kalyan works and they get along well due to a land dispute which is occupied by Marthalli (Ajay) and finally they succeed in getting the land back. She convince Kalyan to not to pin hopes high on her. Then a gang comes and tries to nab her and Kalyan rescues and comes to know the background of Indu. Who is Indu? What is her story and how Kalyan and Indu marry is the remaining story.

REVIEW: The primary line of MLA is to give a subliminal message about child labor, who are suffering with Silicosis due to inclement working conditions. The movie also stresses the importance of child education. However,end of the day MLA ends up as regular commercial movie that sticks to tried and tested Tollywood formula. First half closely resembles Srinu Vaitla’s pastmovies where protagonist tries to outsmart the villain by doing a reality show or alternate reality.

Second half is message driven, reminding you of SivaKoratala’s movies. Pruthivi as PA to Kalyan Ram and a fired PA to Gadappa does his bit. Again, in the second half it is a challenge with Ravi Kishan,who is a sitting MLA and falls in love with Kajal. Kalyan tries to bring a change in mindset of the community and realize the importance of education — though some of these are cinematic.

Kalyan Ram has transformed into new avatar. Not only has his appearance changed, his acting style too has become good. He shows freeness as far as body language is concerned and it works in favour of this kind of masala movies.Kajal gets a regular heroine role in a big movie. Although the story might seem like centered on her, she has very little to do. Ravi Kishan does his part with usual fervour. Posani looks tired and uninterested. Brahmanandam and Vennela Kishore lack the spark. Prudhvi is fab in few scenes. The rest of the actors have nothing much to do.

Music by veteran Mani Sharma is alright. The background score is where he scores though. The cinematography is decent. Editing should have been better. The dialogues are passable.

Final verdict of the film is MLA is a routine commercial entertainer with some good moments here and there. The confrontation scenes between Kalyan Ram and Ravi Kishan and some decent emotions are major assets.