Steven Spielberg is “singular” and “extraordinary”: Ben Mendolsohn

Vastavam web: “Bloodline” star Ben Mendolsohn is in awe of Steven Spielberg as he believes the celebrated director is “singular” and “extraordinary”. Mendolsohn, who plays the role of Nolan Sorrento in Spielberg’s “Ready Player One”, the official adaptation of Ernest Cline’s 2011 best-selling dystopian novel, says he grew up on the director’s films in the 1970s.The 48-year-old actr said he was “terrified” and found himself at the edge of the seat while watching “Jaws”.

“‘Jaws’ for Australians? Terrifying. Because we got ’em. I don’t care about Amity Island. We got sharks! My mum took me to see ‘Jaws’ at the drive-in and I couldn’t make it over the seat.” “I can swim in a pool but I’m only alright if I can touch the bottom. I blame ‘Jaws’ for that,” he added.”That’s what he’s known as it’s hardly a state secret. He’s Steven Spielberg. I don’t expect to see another director like him in my life. He’s singular. He’s extraordinary, and gentle too,” Mendolsohn said.The actor has often portrayed characters with a dark side and he said such roles are more “fun” to play.