Someone trying to use Facebook to disrupt US mid-term polls says Zukerberg

Vastavam web: Mark Zuckerberg says he is “sure someone’s trying” to use Facebook to meddle with the US mid-term polls in November, amidst allegation of Russian interference in the 2016 election that rattled Americans and spawned government inquiries.”I’m sure someone’s trying,” the Facebook CEO told CNN when asked about the possibility of meddling happening right now.His comments came amidst the Cambridge Analytica scandal in which the British data firm, which has ties to President Donald Trump’s campaign, reportedly accessed information from about 50 million Facebook users without their knowledge.

Zuckerberg said Facebook executives “have some sense of the different things that we need to get in front of.” He said staffers are “building technology” and hiring human reviewers to stamp out propaganda and other attacks.Zuckerberg added: “Now the reality is, with a community of two billion people, I can’t promise that we’re going to find everything. But what I can commit to is that we’re going to make it as hard as possible for these adversaries to do that and I think that we’re going to do a much better job.””The short answer is I’m happy to if it’s the right thing to do,” he said.”What we try to do is send the person at Facebook who will have the most knowledge,” Zuckerberg said. “If that’s me, then I am happy to go.”