Karan Johar was teased at school for his feminine voice

Vastavam web: Director Karan Johar may have successfully branched out as a TV and awards show host but he was teased at school for his feminine sounding voice and even took classes to improve his baritone.”When I was a child, there were many ‘Hichki’ moments.

The one that I wouldn’t have changed today, is that I had a very girlish voice when I was a child. I had a very squeaky voice and I used to get teased a lot,” Johar told Rani Mukerji.”At those times, societal pressures were such that it (my voice) was a big ‘hichki’. I felt lesser and I was made to feel abnormal. And I felt like I needed to overcome this to be the person that I wanted to be. But today, times are different and we are all more evolved. I hope that if this kind of a hiccup comes in people’s lives that they shouldn’t change their core persona. But I did,” he added.

Mukerji plays the role of an aspiring teacher with Tourette syndrome in her new film “Hichki”.