Movie Review: Kirrak Party


OVERVIEW: Krishna( Nikil) an mechanical student at the Usha-Rama Engineering college believed in enjoying life with his own batch of friends. He fell in love with a senuor student Mira( Simran Varinja) and did not stop his love affairs though he faced rows with the senior batch students.Mira admired his nature of bringing smiles on all faces .

When Mira dies in a accident,Krishna turns into an arrogant lover ,hitting out at eve teasers . As his student career hits finale at 4th year ,and though he continues as single ,a classmate Satya( Samyukta Hegde) comes closer to him. To know whether Krishna falls in love again and did he go back to all of his friends batch etc has to bewatched on screen only .

REVIEW: The first half of Kirrak Party will make you reminiscence your own college days with a strong element of nostalgia. You would recall the fun moments you had in the prestigious journey of your college life. Nikhil’s performance is very natural and he is undoubtedly the main asset for the film. His acting in two contrasting roles will leave you impressed. The interval scene is the highlight and the whole first half showcases different characters of students with numerous fun-filled scenes.

The second half of Kirrak Party takes a phenomenal level of transformation in the characters with a touch of emotional sense. The whole movie gives a comic relief and also a special mission to achieve a goal. With outstanding production values, excellent technical aspects and impeccable background score, this film scored well in the people’s hearts’. Nikhil’s climax scene will make you teary-eye and he certainly gave a masterpiece performance. The movie is worth watching and you will go back home with a good feel.

Nikhil Siddharth s the soul of the film and his life experiences in the engineering college are the crux of the movie. He gave his best shot when it comes to two different looks.Simran Pareenja played the role (Meera Joseph) of a senior and the most beautiful girl in the college. She is good on screen and her acting skills are also fine.Samyuktha Hegde played the same role of which she was done in the Kirik Party movie. She absolutely got suited to the role of a hyperactive girl.Rakendu Mouli, Viva Raghav, RJ Hemanth clicked in their roles as friends. Popular actor Brahmaji did a small role.

Technically this film has less strengths to talk about. Ajaneesh Loknath music which has been retained as is from Kannada version is good in parts. DamDare song is the hit one, remaining songs are situational ones. The songs are of melody genre and flow with the story narration. Photography is very inconsistent. Production values by AK entertainments are nearly adequate, could have been better.

Final verdict of the film is Kirrak Party is a youthful college drama which has some good moments in the second half. This youth-entertainer will make your colorful with fine performances.