I did have a certain perception about Varun in my head says Shoojit Siracr

Vastavam web: The cinematic world of Shoojit Siracr is vastly different from the films Varun Dhawan is usually associated with and the director says he did have a certain perception about the actor before he worked with him.Shoojit has worked with Varun for the first time in their upcoming romantic drama “October”.”I asked him, will you surrender yourself and are you honest? He said ‘I’m an honest person, this, what you see outside (image) is not me.’ I told him to be himself in the film. I just narrated two lines to him while he was going to shoot another film,” he added.

The “Piku” director said his brief to Varun for the film was to detach himself momentarily from cell phones.”I said as a process to prepare for the film, don’t check your phone first thing in the morning as was his habit and instead as soon as you get up, go and sit on front of a plant and watch it for ten minutes. That’s your job. For almost one year, my instruction was, to get up and watch the plant and breathe.” “This film is based on honesty, I couldn’t do anything else which I do on other films. I couldn’t remove my shirt, dance, couldn’t behave cute, I couldn’t do all those things. I stopped applying make up and still he (Shoojit) would come and say ‘make it a little less…'”

The process on set was different for Varun as he was coming straight from “Judwaa 2”, a film which was louder in tone.”I had just done ‘Judwaa 2’ and come for this film so my pitch was loud always. He told me, in real life Varun, if we are sitting next to each other, why would you shout? Do you have a problem with anyone? So he asked me to lower my pitch to a point that I felt there was a marker!