KCR proposed a “non-Congress, non-BJP front” for betterment of farmers and Dalits

Vastavam web: Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao today proposed a “non-Congress, non-BJP front” for betterment of farmers and Dalits, a day after Congress recorded a dismal performance in the assembly polls in the Northeast and the BJP expanded its footprint.The chief minister had yesterday expressed his wish to join national politics to effect a “qualitative change”.”Farmers, Dalits, most backward classes are neglected. This situation should be changed. How long do they need to face problems. This has to change and this is not possible from these two parties. Hence, a non-Congress, non-BJP front should be formed in the country,” Rao said.

He was addressing a gathering of prominent TRS leaders, ministers and elected representatives of the party at Pragathi Bhavan, his official residence here.
Rao said West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee spoke to him over phone and had conveyed her support to the statement made by him yesterday.The TRS chief said he would talk with all like-minded parties and leaders for creating an agenda for the country’s growth.

Rao said JMM leader and former chief minister Hemant Soren also expressed his solidarity.”I will soon meet like-minded leaders and we will also hold consultations with economic experts, social scientists and farmers for creating an agenda for the country’s growth,” Rao said.The TRS chief said he was keen to participate in national politics to bring about a “change”.

“There is need for qualitative change in national politics There is a serious need. People are vexed now. No qualitative change is seen by people even after 70 years of democracy China developed in less than three decades. What both the Congress and the BJP did all these years?” Rao had asked.”People are looking for change. Can we expect something new to happen if the Congress comes to power after the BJP? It can be a third front or any front… Are we not part of the country? Discussions are going on. There is no secret about it,” he had said.Rao alleged that the BJP at the Centre had failed to do anything for developing the country in the last four years.

“The national parties, the BJP and the Congress, should change their attitude towards states. Federal system is for a namesake (now). Is there federalism in this country? The agriculture system, education, urban development should be handed over to the states. But it is not being handed over but kept at Delhi (with the Centre),” Rao said.”Can’t state governments do it (undertaking such measures). Change should start and it starts from Telangana for the development of India. Change has to be brought… You cannot threaten me. You can threaten those who resorted to scams not me,” Rao said.

He said the Constitution should be amended for the sake of the people.”I spoke to some people in Delhi and they say the law and constitution in China is different. I say then you become different. Constitution and the governments, the PM, CMs all are for the public. You bring in changes in law and also amendments in the Constitution. The countrymen will be with you,” Rao said.Rao said farmers were committing suicide because the BJP and the Congress did nothing for them.

“My countrymen, you know and understand the ‘chamatkar’ of both the parties who ruled the country for over 60 years. The price of every essential commodity is increasing but not the minimum support price on agriculture produce. GDP growth is not reflecting in the lives of farmers and their income is not increasing,” Rao said.What the countries like China, Japan and Singapore have achieved in terms of growth can be achieved by India as well, he said.He said he had recently met CPI (M) leader Sitaram Yechury and discussed a lot of issues.Yechury’s party had officially rejected any tie-up with the Congress for upcoming elections.