British opposition leader called for “a new UK-EU customs union” after Brexit

Vastavam web: British opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn today called for “a new comprehensive UK-EU customs union” after Brexit in a major policy shift that could force Prime Minister Theresa May’s government to change course.”Labour would seek to negotiate a new comprehensive UK-EU customs union to ensure that there are no tariffs with Europe and to help avoid any need whatsoever for a hard border in Northern Ireland,” the Labour leader said.”We are also clear that the option of a new UK customs union with the EU would need to ensure the UK has a say in future trade deals,” Corbyn said, speaking in Coventry, central England.

“A new customs arrangement would depend on Britain being able to negotiate agreement of new trade deals in our national interest,” he said.But Corbyn also cautioned that free trade deals with China or the United States would not compensate for loss of trade with the European Union.