Game of tennis become better with technology: Edberg

Vastavam web: Legendary Stefan Edberg says the game of tennis has become better with technology assisting its evolution.Edberg, winner of six Grand Slams including two Wimbledon titles, said there is lot of information available which can be used to train in much better way.”Tennis has changed, it is better today. It is more physical, played a little bit quicker and it is due to technology with racquets with strings, the knowledge is better today (on) how to train, the nutrition is better today and lot of things have improved,” Edberg told.

“There have been a lot of great players throughout here, but if you look at his (Roger Federer’s) record, the most at number one (for) number of weeks, the most grand slams. He is probably the greatest players of all-times,” Edberg, who was world number one for 72 weeks, said.”Is there another player who could do the same, it’s Rafael Nadal, he is still young enough to get up there, if he can stay healthy. And you have Novak Djokovic who has won lot of grand slams, so those are the two players who have a chance to get to 20 Grand Slams but it’s a long long way and it is nearly impossible, and apart from that it’s going to take another 10-15 years before anybody has a chance to achieve the same,” he said.

Edberg, who worked with Federer as a coach for a brief period, also said that what the Swiss player has achieved was almost impossible.”Roger Federer is quite an astonishing tennis player and to reach number one at this stage of (his) career and at this age, it’s probably like a dream in many ways, may be for himself.”He had an opportunity couple of years ago, but Djokovic was too strong and then suddenly what happened after 2016, he had injury, had to have his operation and coming back with a fresh mind. Not too many expectations and the comeback he had here.Federer has started the 2018 on a high note by winning the Australian Open.