Movie Review: Manasuku Nachindi

RATING: 2.5/5

OVERVIEW: Suraj(Sandeep Kishan) and Nithya (Amaira Dastur) as members of one family grow up as good childhood friends .They fail to convince parents that there was no love between them and to escape family forced wedlock ,one fine morning they run away to Goa.

At Goa Suraj tried his hand as a photographer but fails in spite of encouragement of Nitya who begins to love him.At this jucnture Suraj falls in love with Nikki(Trida Choudhary.The twist in story begins as to whether Suraj learns of Nityas love and link between Abhay( Adit Arun) and Nitya.Watch the movie on screen for your doubts.

REVIEW: Sandeep Kishan has put his best in the film and he has come up with a decent performance. He impressed with dialogue delivery, body language and looks. Amyra Dastur, on the other side, is good in terms of looks and has given a brilliant performance. Tridha Choudhury is also looking g fantastic in the role she was given and she impressed everyone in glamour outfits. Adith Arun is okay in his roles and has done well. All the other actors did well and made their presence felt.

Manjula Gattamaneni is the story and screenplay writer for the film. She has prepared an interesting story for the film which is routine but still managed to present it in a fresh manner. The edition of nature’s aspect to the story is something that every one of us should appreciate about. There are a lot of good elements in the film that one must appreciate and the film, in the end, came out well.

In the entire film, one thing that strikes is Ravi Yadav’s cinematography. He has captured the nature beautifully. Since the movie is all about a girl who loves nature, he got the chance to showcase it in a poetic way.One song “Parichayame leda” is catchy, but rest of the songs don’t strike a chord.Editor must have slept at the editing table itself. Dialogues by Sai Madhav Burra are mediocre.

Final verdict of the film is “Manasuku Nachhindi” is a routine romantic drama which you might have seen many times in the past.