Movie Review: AWE


OVERVIEW: A couple Radha and Krishna (Esha and Nitya) confronts Radha’s parents and confesses that they wanted to get married. A struggling chef Nala (Priyadarshi) tries to settle down in a job with the help of a talking fish (Nani). A scientist (Srinivas Avasarala) is in the process of inventing a time machine. A drug addicted woman (Regina) plots a robbery with her boyfriend. An egoistic magician (Murali Sharma) faces a challenging magician. Meanwhile a girl called Kali (Kajal) is so bored of her life that she is preparing to end her life. All these stories are interlinked, but how?

REVIEW: First and foremost it is a fantastic effort for a debut director. Just the idea alone deserves a pat on the back, but to come up with a screenplay and then have multiple layers to it, is all awesome. The world around me and I in the world is a great concept and kudos to Prashanth Varma to weave a story and screenplay around it.

But, at the end of the day, Awe is a film, and like every film, it comes with a set of problems. If we dissect it, the movie is okay in parts. Few stories do not engage after a point. The ones we did not like involves the ghost, magic, and time. Love and food were beautiful in the way they are conceived and what they convey.

Nitya is convincing as the girl who is in love with same gender. Esha gets an emotional scene where she performs well. Murali Sharma, Avasarala and Priyadarshi are good in their respective roles. Regina’s attire and her performance are very striking. Even the supporting cast did their bit. However, it is Nani and Raviteja who steal the show with their voiceover.

Prashanth Varma excels in maintaining the suspense and keeping the interest alive by mixing various genres. The viewing experience will be spoiled if we get into the details of the story. Prashanth did well in getting good output from his cast and crew. However he should have taken care about the sluggish pace and farfetched setup of a few characters.

Background score by Mark is superb and so is the cinematography and production design. The film is technically brilliant. Editor needs to be commended for keeping the run time short with multiple layered stories. Production values are very good. It is very brave of Nani to back such an outlandish idea.

Final verdict of the film is It is Awe is one such experiment that throws normal movie making out of the window. Concept-based films are the need of the hour in Tollywood and this film is for those who complain Tollywood does not make hatke movies.