Brexit minister urges European Union to work jointly on Brexit deal to access each others

Vastavam web: Brexit minister David Davis said on Tuesday Britain and the European Union could reach a deal to access each others’ markets and dismissed fears Britain would use Brexit to cut regulation to attract global businesses, despite past threats to do so.In the latest of several speeches by ministers to lay out Britain’s Brexit plans, Davis told business leaders in Austria that fears of Britain plunging into a “Mad Max-style world borrowed from dystopian fiction” after leaving the EU are unfounded.“This will be a crucial part of ensuring our future economic partnership is as open, and trade remains as frictionless, as possible,” Davis said.

“Britain’s plan, its blueprint for life outside of Europe, is a race to the top in global standards, not a regression from the high standards we have now.”Davis is touring European capitals as Britain tries to persuade EU leaders to strike a new deal on trade. Britain wants to retain close economic ties with the EU after it leaves the trading bloc in March next year, while also being free to strike new trade deals around the world.Davis said Britain wants to work with the EU to create the highest standards of rules in the world, and cited workers’ rights and financial regulation as areas that could be improved.

His comments are designed to allay European politicians’ concerns that Britain could cut taxes and regulation to attract global businesses.