U.S Senate showdown to protect young illegal immigrants from deportation

Vastavam web: A bipartisan Senate plan to protect young illegal immigrants from deportation and pour billions of dollars into border security appeared headed toward a Senate showdown on Thursday as wary Democrats signaled that a solution could be close.Congress is scrambling to act after President Donald Trump ordered the March 5 termination of an Obama-era program giving the young immigrants temporary legal status.

Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer noted the difficulties in writing immigration legislation, but added: “We are closer than we have ever been to passing something in the Senate to help the Dreamers.” Senate votes on various proposals are expected on Thursday.In a statement released by the White House, Trump urged the Senate to support legislation by Republican Senator Chuck Grassley that basically embraces the president’s legislative wish list on immigration, including scaling back two immigration programs that bring more than 300,000 people into the United States each year.