Tanzania’s Catholic church accused government of violating democratic norms

Vastavam web: Tanzania’s Catholic church today accused the government of President John Magufuli of violating democratic norms by limiting freedom of expression.”Party political activities, such as public meetings, demonstrations, rallies, debates inside premises, which are after all every citizen’s right, have been suspended until the next elections,” said a letter penned by the country’s Catholic bishops.”If we allow this to continue, we should not be surprised if we find ourselves embroiled in worse conflicts which will destroy the basis of peace and national unity,” it said.

In recent months, the church has come under fire for its silence in the face of Magufuli’s “dictatorial bent” and particularly over its failure to address the attempted murder of senior opposition lawmaker Tundu Lissu in September.His CHADEMA party has accused the government of trying to assassinate Lissu, who is also president of Tanzania’s bar association.Magufuli, nicknamed the Bullzozer, took office in 2015 promising to tackle corruption.