Movie Review: Chalo


OVERVIEW: Hari(Naga Shourya) is a college student who loves getting into fights. Upset with his attitude, his father(Naresh) sends him to Tirupuram which is situated between the Andhra and Tamil Nadu border. Upon his arrival, Hari falls in love with his classmate Karthika(Rashmika). But to win her love, he needs to solve the problems that are existing between the people of both the states. Rest of the story is as to how Hari handles these issues and wins his love.

REVIEW: Naga Shourya doesn’t try to showcase himself as a hero. He keeps it simple and gives natural performance. He is extremely stylish and handsome in the film. Rashmika is a talented actress. She emotes well and did a fab job as the female lead. Satya is very funny as Shourya’s sidekick. Vennela Kishore dominates the show in a cameo. Posani, Raghubabu and Naresh made their presence felt. Praveen, Viva Harsha and Sudarshan supported well with decent performances.

Mahati Swar Sagar, from Melody king Mani Sharma introduced to industrywith his film has done wonders . The audio hit before film and the background score has held the film with high expectations .Editing has also carried the audience without hicups.Sai Sriram cinematography has become highlight of the fikm showcasing the beauty of rural environs and both hero and heroines are in full color.Production values of Usha Mulpuri are high standards and has not hesitated for high spending, though first film and taken it very well to people .

Director Venky Kudumula chose a very simple plot for his debut film. The strength of the film lies in its comedy and an engaging setup. Director has a good sense of humor and uses it to good effect by offering comedy in full dose at regular intervals. There are a few scenes that expose his inexperience though.

Final verdict of the film is is a time pass entertainer with loads of comedy and a decent lead pair.Naga Shourya makes a good comeback and leads from the front.