Uproar over grant of special status to Andhra Pradesh in Rajya Sabha

Vastavam web: The issue of grant of special status to Andhra Pradesh today rocked the Rajya Sabha as the opposition created an uproar over the issue, forcing Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu to adjourn the House till afternoon.The issue came up after Minister of State for Science and Technology and Earth Sciences Y S Chowdary rose to suggest that since the provisions of Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act have not been implemented, the matter should be addressed by the Finance Minister when he replies to the debate on the general budget.

“In last three and half years, our government could not implement certain commitments given on behalf of the Act. My suggestion, if government is willing, is that there are some issues of special category status, bridging of resource gap and building of steel plant,” Chowdary said.Notwithstanding this, the present deadlock “has to be unlocked, one should talk of cooperative federalism and not be partly cooperative,” he said.”My suggestion, my request is that on behalf of government, if they can commit that the Finance Minister while delivering the budget speech, they can commit to resolve the issues within 15 days,” Chowdary said.Vijai Sai Reddy (TRS) said as per the provisions of the Constitution, a minister has a collective responsibility and he should resign since he does not agree with the Cabinet decision.

There were heated exchanges in the House over this and an agitated Chairman asked Reddy to sit, but he said he was ready to face action.Congress member KVP Ramachandra Rao also spoke, after leaving the well carrying a placard of “save Andhra Pradesh”, when the chairman asked him to get back to his seat.Naidu earlier allowed the Question Hour to be dispensed with following a request by all the members to take up the discussion on the budget.”Is it the sense of the House? I want to put it on record once again that as a Chairman I will not suspend Question Hour unless there is broad consensus. There seems abroad consensus, that is why no Question Hour, we will go ahead with Budget discussion,” he said.