Fans to keep an eye on my social media accounts says Rahul Khanna

Vastavam web: Rahul Khanna has asked fans to keep an eye on his social media accounts to find out about his next film project.The actor has movies such as “Earth” “Bollywood/ Hollywood” and “Wake Up Sid” to his credit.When asked about his distance from the media, the actor said he is “a bit of a reserved person”.”I do keep to myself a bit but I’m happy to come and interact, when the opportunity presents itself,” he added.The actor, known as a man of good sartorial taste, had donned an all-white sportswear couture in linen.

Talking about his suit, Rahul said, “I’m a big fan of linen myself and when I was told the show is going to be all about linen, I thought it would be something different.