I never shied away from taking risks says Shahid Kapoor

Vastavam web: Shahid Kapoor has never shied away from taking risks, be it opting for intense roles or doing multi-starrer projects, and the actor says what defines his success story are the “smart choices” he made over the years.In the past, Shahid has worked in multi-starrers such as “Udta Punjab”, “Rangoon” and most recently “Padmaavat” alongside Ranveer Singh.”There are very few films, written today, which are worthy of two big actors. When someone has the ability to write content of some quality, then actors will do it. How many ‘Padmaavat’s are being made?

“Even ‘Udta Punjab’ had a spectacular script and it came from nowhere and suddenly it had a huge cast. Of course, it took one year to cast the film. Diljit (Dosanjh) is a very big star in Punjab,” Shahid said in a group interview.There is a perception in the film industry that two male stars find it difficult to work together owing to their big egos.

Shahid, however, dismissed the notion and said he never had any such insecurity regarding another actor’s presence in a film because he only focuses on making the most of the opportunities offered to him.”Who says that an actor can’t do two-hero film? You are asking the wrong person because I did it. Actors on ‘Padmaavat’ did it. I think smart choices make a great career,” Shahid said.”10 years down the line, when I have a library of films, having my films worth sharing with my family, my children, ‘Padmaavat’ will be there. I am the hero of a Bhansali film, the numbers are going nuts, all is good.