Trump plans to release a secret Republican memo

Vastavam web: President Donald Trump has told a lawmaker he plans to release a secret Republican memo alleging that a politically motivated Department of Justice and the FBI flagrantly abused regulations to spy on his campaign.The issue of the memo has gripped Washington just as the Russia meddling probe edges closer to the White House.After finishing his State of the Union address Tuesday night, Trump was caught on television cameras telling a Republican lawmaker who urged him to release it, “Don’t worry, 100 per cent.”

Democrats say the memo is highly distorted and political, and ultimately aims to discredit special prosecutor Robert Mueller’s probe of possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia in the 2016 election.According to news reports citing people who have seen the document, it sums up how the Justice Department and FBI were able to obtain a so-called FISA national security warrant to run surveillance on Carter Page, a Trump election campaign advisor with extensive Moscow contacts.The memo alleges that the department depended on the contentious and unproven “Russia dossier” — compiled by former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele and financed in part by Democrat Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign — to justify the warrant to the top-secret FISA court.

In addition, the memo alleges that after Trump became president, the warrant was extended by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein — the DOJ official who appointed Mueller to lead the Russia probe, and the only person who can fire him.Democrats also say they cannot debunk it without themselves releasing top secret counterintelligence information.The ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff, said Monday the committee had “voted to put the president’s personal interest, perhaps their own political interests above the national interest, in denying themselves even the ability to hear from the department and the FBI.””That is, I think, a deeply regrettable state of affairs,” said Schiff. All Democrats on the committee opposed the memo’s release.