Theresa May visit to China to strengthen post-Brexit trade links

Vastavam web: British Prime Minister Theresa May began a visit to China today as she tries to strengthen her country’s global trade links before its contentious divorce with the European Union.May arrived in the central industrial city of Wuhan and will be in the country until Friday in what the Chinese foreign ministry has called a “historic visit”.May is battling criticism of her Brexit strategy back home. The House of Lords is scrutinising a key piece of legislation on quitting the EU as a leaked government report shows only economic downsides to leaving the bloc.

Britain’s ties with China have grown in importance as London contemplates its economic future after it officially leaves the EU in March 2019.China “is delivering a new source of capital that –with the appropriate safeguards in place — can help us to invest in the future of our country,” she wrote in a column in the Financial Times.May is accompanied by her husband Philip and a delegation of 50 business leaders and organisation representatives, which her office said was “the largest” Britain has ever taken overseas.

May will also take the opportunity to discuss a wide range of other issues, including climate change and North Korea, but she was also under pressure to address the political situation in former colony Hong Kong and human rights abuses in mainland China.”It’s natural that Belt and Road cooperation is an opportunity for the two sides to tap into our cooperation for win-win results,” Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said on Tuesday.The British government, however, has been less sanguine about the project, with May’s spokesman saying that while the idea holds promise, it is “vital that BRI projects meet international standards”.