US Treasury released list of Russian officials for sanctions

Vastavam web: The US Treasury has released a long awaited list of Russian officials and business leaders eligible for sanctions under a law designed to punish Moscow for its alleged meddling in the election that brought Donald Trump to power.The list published shortly before midnight yesterday features the names of most of the senior members in President Vladimir Putin’s administration 114 politicians altogether and 96 business people the US considers ‘oligarchs’ close to Putin and worth at least USD 1 billion each.

The list was widely expected to infuriate Putin and send shivers through his inner circle and Moscow’s moneyed elite, threatening to cut them off from world finance.Yesterday was the deadline for its release under a law passed last year by Congress over the objections of Trump, whom critics in the US say has been oddly reluctant to criticise Russia or Putin.Under the same law, the State Department yesterday also declined to punish any US or foreign companies for dealings with Russian arms companies. It argued this was not needed because governments around the world have already nixed billions in contracts with those Russian firms.