UN Security Council members clarity on terrorist safe havens inside Pakistan

Vastavam web: There is clarity among the UN Security Council members on the existence of terrorist safe havens inside Pakistan, a top Afghanistan envoy to the world body has said, calling for action against it.Afghanistan’s UN Ambassador, Mahmoud Saikal, in an indirect reference to Pakistan, said his government has provided evidences to the UNSC about violations of its resolution by “a country in the region”.”I have not heard any member of the council denying the existence of these (terror) safe havens in Pakistan. I have not heard any member of the council stand up and say, ‘no this is not true’,” Saikal said.

“But we need to go beyond that,” he said, adding, “we need to get the council consensus that ‘yes, they are there’.Once there is consensus that they (terrorists) are there (in Pakistan), then the (security) council is obliged to take action.””Majority of the member states know about the safe havens. They know that the leading figures of terrorist groups have lived in Pakistan. They have been found dead in Pakistan.They have been killed and buried in Pakistan,” he said.

“Osama bin Laden was found and killed in Pakistan. Mullah Omar died in a Karachi hospital. Mullah Akhtar was found and killed in Baluchistan. And right now, leading figures of the Taliban are in Pakistan. This is a public knowledge,” he claimed. To a question, the Afghan envoy expressed frustration that nothing has worked so far with Pakistan. Kabul has used bilateral, trilateral and multilateral platforms to have a breakthrough, he said.”Unfortunately, so far we haven’t seen much. So, we will keep our eyes open for any gesture or for any initiative from Islamabad when it comes to a paradigm shift in the part of giving up the policy of using violence in pursuit of political objectives and trying to coexist with its neighbours in peace,” he said.

“Any opportunity that could be there, we would not be shy to explore it and use it and to have a meaningful dialogue with Pakistan. But at the same time if nothing works, then we have no other option but to come to the Security Council because we are paying a heavy price almost every day in Afghanistan,” he said.