Cancer screening should be made mandatory after a certain age says Venkaiah Naidu

Vastavam web: Cancer screening after a certain age should be made mandatory in the country, Vice President Venkaiah Naidu said today, and asked researchers to make path-breaking advances in cancer prevention and treatment.Addressing a graduation ceremony at the Tata Memorial Centre here, he also called for greater emphasis on inventing strategies in the battle against cancer.”We should educate and spread awareness about early detection and prevention of cancer,” he said.

Quoting the Indian Council of Medical Research data, Naidu said, “In 2016, the total number of new cancer cases was expected to be around 14.5 lakh and the figure is likely to reach nearly 17.3 lakh new cases in 2020. Over 7.36 lakh people were expected to succumb to the disease in 2016 while the figure is estimated to shoot up to 8.8 lakh by 2020.” Naidu underlined the importance of ayurveda to the graduating students, saying, “Medical students should try to explore if ancient Indian medical systems like ayurveda, can offer some alternative solutions on cancer treatment.”

According to some scholars, cancer treatment with ayurveda goes back to seventh century BC, where Atreya and Dhanwanthari used herbal medicines for treating early stages of cancer, he said.Awareness must be created, particularly among the youngsters, on the need to lead healthy lifestyles and avoid consumption of junk food, he said.Naidu also touched on the need to increase palliative care centres in the country.Lack of personal hygiene causes infections like HPV, which, in turn, has the potential to cause cancer of the cervix, Naidu said.