India trip will be “historic” and “long remembered” says Netanyahu

Vastavam web: Terming as “historic” his recent visit to India, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said today that his six-day trip will be “long remembered” as it contributed in strengthening of bilateral ties.Netanyahu arrived in New Delhi on January 14 and was received by his “friend” Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the airport, setting aside protocol.”It reflects the closer ties between us, very close, as well as the closer ties between our countries and peoples,” he said.

“This is a visit that will be long-remembered. It contributed, and will yet contribute, to Israel in the economic, security, technology and diplomatic spheres,” he added.Netanyahu also recollected some moving moments from his trip, particularly his meeting with Moshe, the now 11-year-old kid who survived the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks in which his parents were killed.”I must say that there were many very moving moments, but above all I will remember two special events that touched our people,” Netanyahu said.

“First was the meeting with Moshe at the Chabad House. A sweet boy who is living with his loving grandparents, in effect with the love of the entire Jewish People. Thanks also go to the Indian nanny, Sandra, who saved him and accompanied him on the visit,” he said.Moshe was rescued by his nanny Sandra and he later moved to Israel, where he stays with his grandparents.

Sandra has been given honorary citizenship by Israel and now lives in Jerusalem where she works with kids with special needs.”The second moving event was with the Indian Jewish community. This is a very small community most of whose members have come to Israel and contributed to the building up of the country and the development of the state. But their contribution to India is out of proportion to their numbers,” Netanyahu said.”But they hoped for the meeting between cultures and between states and peoples, and it happened before their eyes,” he noted.

“It was simply an extraordinary experience”, the Israeli Premier stressed.Netanyahu’s successful visit to India has brought the Israeli leader a sigh of relief from a hostile local press that has been critical of him on allegations of corruption.