Mexico would pay for it “directly or indirectly” for building a wall: Donald Trump

Vastavam web: Donald Trump today insisted that his view on building a wall along US-Mexico border has not changed and Mexico would pay for it “directly or indirectly”, contradicting remarks by his chief of staff that the president’s opinion on the barrier had “evolved”.Trump’s comments came after Retired General John Kelly told members of President Trump bashed the North American Free Trade Agreement and promised that Mexico would pay for his proposed border wall.

“The Wall will be paid for, directly or indirectly, or through longer term reimbursement, by Mexico, which has a ridiculous USD 71 billion-dollar trade surplus with the US.The USD 20 billion-dollar Wall is ‘peanuts’ compared to what Mexico makes from the US. NAFTA is a bad joke! Trump said in another tweet.
the Congressional Hispanic Caucus yesterday that parts of the border do not need a wall and that Trump did not know that when making campaign promises.Campaign to governing to different things and this president has been very very flexible in terms of what is within the realm of the possible, Kelly said.

When asked if Mexico will pay for this wall, Kelly said, “We have some ideas on how things like visa fees, renegotiation on NAFTA and what that would mean to our economy. So it one way or another it’s possible that we could get the revenue from Mexico but not directly from their government.Kelly said he told the lawmakers that there has been an evolutionary process that this president has gone through as a campaign.During his election campaign, Trump said his administration will build a massive border wall with Mexico to keep out illegal migrants and claimed that the cost of constructing the controversial structure would be reimbursed by Mexico.