Egypt’s president expressed his “extreme concern” about Nile dam with Ethiopia

Vastavam web: Egypt’s president today expressed his “extreme concern” to Ethiopia’s visiting prime minister over the lack of progress in talks on the impact of a massive upstream dam that Egypt fears could cut into its vital share of the Nile.President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi has warned that Egypt’s share of the Nile, which provides nearly all its freshwater, is a red line. But he has also sought to reassure Ethiopia and Sudan that Egypt has no intention of going to war.El-Sissi said he appreciated Ethiopia’s repeated assurances that the dam, which is about 60 percent complete, would not have a negative impact on Egypt, but he said studies must still be completed and that all sides should abide by their findings.

Egypt is a mostly desert country that depends on the Nile for almost all of its water needs. Its 95 million people grow by at least a million every year, further straining its water resources and posing a perpetual challenge to its economic development.He said cooperation among the Nile basin countries must not be a “zero-sum game.” Relations have deteriorated between Egypt and Sudan, with Cairo accusing Khartoum of siding with Ethiopia in the dispute over the dam and reviving a long-standing border dispute.Ethiopia says the 5 billion dam is essential, noting that the vast majority of its population lacks electricity.The dam will generate over 6,400 megawatts, a massive boost to the country’s current production of 4,000 Megawatts.