Government and NGOs should project self-employment as respectable

Vastavam web: President Ram Nath Kovind today said the government and NGOs should project self-employment as a “respectable profession” and also urged young Indians to generate employment instead of seeking jobs.He said it was very important for the country and the society to strengthen “economic democracy” through entrepreneurship.The president was speaking at the inauguration of the Economic Democracy Conclave organised by the Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini, a charitable organisation linked to the RSS, located in neighbouring Thane district.

He said the political democracy cannot be strong in the absence of economic and social democracy.”These have a singular goal of strengthening economic and social democracy. The idea behind these programmes is that if anyone has to really help someone, then he/she should be made financially self-reliant,” he said.The president said the promotion of an entrepreneurial culture in the country was not the sole responsibility of the government.Government departments, NGOs and semi-government bodies should push for a culture where self-employment is seen as a respectable profession, he said.

“It should be encouraged. The decision of opting for self-employment should not be based on some compulsion but one should choose it,” Kovind said.He said an important outcome of the ‘Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana’ was that out of 30 crore new bank accounts, more than 50 per cent were opened by women.The day commemorates the death anniversary of Sayagyi U Ba Khin, a renowned Vipassana teacher from Myanmar, and the ‘pagoda’ is built as a token of gratitude to him.

On the occasion, the president observed that the message of Lord Buddha was essential for the society to move from violence towards mercy.”For the sake of humanity, we need to move from violence towards mercy and therefore it is essential to expand the message of Lord Buddha in society. Vipassana helps us in teaching such messages and principles to the people,” he said while addressing the audience.Underlining the benefits of Vipassana, Kovind said it helps improve concentration.

“students can get better marks in exams. Government officials and sportsmen can also perform well as Vipassana has great impact on the mind, body and at the spiritual level,” he said.Kovind praised the Maharashtra government for encouraging its employees to undertake Vipassana courses.