Trump feels “betrayed” by his former White House Chief Strategist Bannon

Vastavam web: US President Donald Trump has said that he feels “betrayed” by his former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon who was highly critical of him and his family in a book published last week.Bannon who worked with him first as his campaign manager and then as his chief strategist at the White House was fired by him last August.”I feel betrayed because you are not supposed to do that, but I have many people that work for me who were far more important than Steve, right there,” Trump was quoted as saying by The Wall Street Journal.

“I always liked Steve, but Steve became very ineffective because he was such a lightning rod. And Steve, in the end I fired Steve,” Trump said.”You never know, I don’t know what the word permanent means. We will see what happens, but Steve had nothing to do with my win. Well, certainly very little,” he asserted.”Steve’s greatest asset is he was able to convince a corrupt media that he was responsible for my win. Hope, just out of curiosity, you were there from day one. What do you think Steve in a percentage had to do with my victory? I mean he was there. Corey [Lewandowski] had more to do with it,” Trump said.

“When I won against the 17 people, you can t then say that oh, gee, somebody comes in two months after I won, and he gives me new policy, new idea. I can t change those ideas, those ideas are wedded,” he said.Trump said that Bannon’s remarks against his son were horrible.