American NRI Society supports Uddanam victims

Vastavam web: Actor and Jana Sena founder Pawan Kalyan a well-voiced politician who played a major role to help the Uddanam kidney victims who are suffering from Kidney-related ailments.On January 3rd Pawan Kalyan visited Icchapuram and boosted self condidence in the kidney victims. So, this day is recognised as “Uddanam Kidney Day”, said Jana sena member Dr. Durga Rao.On support of Ragutu Neil and Raghu Suryaprakash UPASA (“United Pravasa Atmeeyula Society of America”) society provided free essential drugs to kidney patients in the village of Kavitti.The Misson Uddanam society from America also gave thier support to Uddanam kidney victims.

The children of telugu NRI people from america also gave thier little support by providing thier pocket money to the Uddanam kidney victims.Those money were used to purchase medicines and distributed to 150 kidney victims in the villages of Kavitti, Thaipattukku, Samalala, VG Puthugatha, Srihari Puram.Mission members Dr Kothapalli Kumar, Dr.Akula Ravi, Dr. Durga Rao, M Kiran Kumar, Sailaja, Sandeep, Raju along with Dr. Chairman of the Krishna Murthy Mandal, Srinivasa Rao visited villages on Wednesday and distributed drugs to patients.This is a great program that is being done with non-resident Indians children pocket money, Dr. Raghu Neil said.We are going to do more good things in the future, ensuring that providing all support to kidney victims, Dr. Ragutu Neil said. Uddanam area people is suffering anxiety disorders since the years. According to information received so far, thousands of people died due to this illness. The failure of the government to find solutions to this problem took the kidney problem internationally.