Brett Ratner accusers filed a motion to dismiss director’s suit

Vastavam web: One of the Brett Ratner accusers has filed a motion to dismiss the the director’s libel suit against her.The legal team of Melanie Kohler, who had accused Ratner of rape, filed a motion in federal court in Hawaii, seeking a dismissal of Ratner’s suit, which he filed in November.Kohler’s lawyers argued that Ratner’s suit consisted of little more than “threadbare, conclusory allegations”, which fail to meet the minimum requirements for a libel complaint.

Ratner in his suit claimed that Kohler defamed him in a Facebook post, in which she accused him of rape, but removed it quickly afterwards.”Here, Mr Ratner’s lawsuit threatens to chill speech that is a part of an important and historic public discussion on sexual assault and rape in Hollywood. As one of the most high profile producers and directors in Hollywood, Mr Ratner’s conduct is an important part of that discussion. And Mr Ratner’s conduct already is very much a part of that discussion,” the lawyers said in the court documents.