Adnan Sami shooting in Afghanistan next year for his debut film

Vastavam web: Singer-music composer Adnan Sami will be shooting in Afghanistan next year for his debut film “Afghan In Search Of A Home” as an actor.Adnan will make his acting debut with “Afghan In Search Of A Home” directed by Radhika Rao and Vinay Sapru. He will be seen in the role of an Afghani musician.Both Radhika and Vinay believe the refugee story will resonate with the audience.
“The story is about a musician from Afghanistan and what happens to his journey in finding his home. It is a heart- wrenching tale of an artiste,” she adds.”We will be shooting in Delhi, Amritsar, Banaras and a then there is a 10-day schedule in Afghanistan. We will start shooting in Afghanistan mostly in May. This is going to be the last schedule, we can’t shoot there at the moment due to weather issues.
“The story starts from Afghanistan and then it continues in India – it goes to Delhi Punjab and it concludes in Banaras,” says Vinay.”Adnan is playing the part of an Afghani musician, it is about the love and sacrifice of an Afghan. The counsel general fondly remembers Amitabh Bachchan for shooting of “Khuda Gawah” in Afghanistan. They are happy we will shoot there.”There are two girls in the film – one we have cast, her name is Morsel, she is an Afghan actress. She is a musician in the film. We are casting an Iranian actress, she is the love interest in the film. The talks are on so we can’t reveal the name.”