Israel’s parliament approved bill linked to Netanyahu probe

Vastavam web: Israel’s parliament today approved at a first reading a bill that opponents of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu say is designed to help him survive an ongoing police investigation.If passed into law by a second and third reading it would alter current practice under which at the end of an enquiry police tell the attorney general if they feel that they have enough evidence for a prosecution.”Two revisions were inserted into the legislation,” the website of the Knesset, or parliament, said in English.
It said the first would allow the attorney general to ask the police for “input in the existing corruption probes into Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.” Since the police started grilling Netanyahu in January, Israeli media have been full of leaks on the probe’s progress, some reportedly coming from within the police force itself.The bill’s sponsor, David Amsalem of Netanyahu’s Likud party, said he sought only to protect the rights and reputation of suspects.
The Knesset site said that during today’s committee meeting, MP Tamar Zandberg of the opposition Meretz party called it “a corrupt bill to protect a corrupt prime minister”.”According to the new clause, he cannot. This is a dramatic and extreme move. You are silencing the attorney general.”