Movie Review: Mental Madhilo


OVERVIEW: As the film’s promotional videos established it without a trace of doubt, Arvind Krishna (Sree Vishnu) has been incorrigibly confused since birth. Despite being a techie, not many women go in for him.In comes the arranged marriage moment, thanks to his father (Shivaji Raja). Swetcha (Nivetha Pethuraj) and Arvind hit it off quite fast. Despite his apparent shortcomings, the girl gets along with him, reforming him by and by and making him feel comfortable and assured in the relationship.

But when the guy goes to Mumbai on work before their marriage, he ends up meeting Renuka (Amrutha Srinivasan), who happens to be both idiosyncratic and charming for good!It’s when Arvind commits a mistake that can change the game. What is that mistake and where does it lead him? What of Swetcha, his allegedly apt match? And what of Renuka, the happily imperfect damsel? That forms the rest of the story.

REVIEW: Sree Vishnu delivers a terrific performance as a confused guy. There isn’t over drama or showcase of acting chops in the regular dramatic manner. It is just about staying in the character all the way, and making acting choices within the possible reality of the role chosen.However, it is the new heroine Nivetha Pethuraj who steals the show entirely in the movie. She is the soul. With her good looks and lively performance, Nivetha has brought energy into the film in the first half. She’s very expressive too.

Among other cast members, Sivaji Raja as Sree Vishnu’s father is hilarious. Amrutha as Renu is totally miscast.Debutant director Vivek Atreya chose an interesting theme to deal with. He invested more time in etching his characters that elevates the theme of the story. Introducing hero’s character as a confusion master is a brilliant idea, which helps for a free flow of events. Director used hero’s characterization as the main tool to script his screenplay.

Musical score never interrupts the flow of the story and is gelled well within it. Every song comes as a part of the screenplay. Background score also is impressive. Cinematography is superb.

Final verdict of the film is may not be a mass movie,but is made for liking of the class audience.It is a very breezy rom-com which has its heart in the right place. The lovable romance, performances by the lead pair and light-hearted family emotions will surely connect with the audience.