Country seeing episodes of hyper-nationalism says Shabana Azmi

Vastavam web: Veteran actor Shabana Azmi today said the country is seeing episodes of hyper-nationalism and although the phenomenon was not novel, people need to be alarmed about it.The 67-year-old actor said that understanding the difference between nationalism and patriotism was the need of the hour.
“Patriotism concerns itself with the lives of the people in this geographical entity and also concerns with improving their lot. So you can continue to be very patriotic and still be critical about certain issues in the society. In no way, does it make you unpatriotic,” Azmi said.Azmi reiterated her support to “Padmavati” director Sanjay Leela Bhansali, who along with actor Deepika Padukone have received death threats over the film.
Several Rajput groups and political leaders have accused the filmmaker of “distorting historical facts” in his film.”Criticism is fine. Dissent is fine What is not fine is threats of death, killing people or burning them alive – as has been done with Deepika Padukone. As an actress, as a colleague, as a member of the industry, I don’t think it has ever been as bad as it is today.”But we must ask ourselves that did we earn the right to stand for ‘Padmavati’? When “Fire” was removed, when “Kissa Kursi Ka” prints were burnt… Did we stand up for all those films? How many people protested?”