Movie Review: Balakrishnudu

RATING: 2.5/5

OVERVIEW: Balu(Nara Rohit) is a money-minded, free-spirited young guy whose highest priority in life is to earn the money. Bhanumathi Devi (Ramya Krishnan) has rivalry with Prathap Reddy (Ajay) in Rayalaseema. Prathap Reddy wants to kill Aadhya (Regina Cassandra ) who is the niece of Bhanumathi Devi but on other side Bhanumathitakes care of Aadhya and appoints Balu as a protector and guard for Aadhya. Soon Pratap Reddy escapes from the jail and Aadhya falls in the love of Balu. What happens next? Will Prathap Reddy become successful in killing Aadhya? How will Bhanumathi and Balu save Aadhya from Prathap Reddy? To get these answers, one should watch the movie on silver screen.

REVIEW: The makers of “Balakrishnudu” have said quite frankly that they have touched upon the story that has been attempted many times before in several movies. True, the story written by Kosala Raju has nothing new in terms of plot (more like Venkatesh’s ‘Bodygaurd’ and Hollywood movie ‘Chasing Liberty). A character in the film says, it has been long time that they watched a regular faction drama. As the character says, this is faction story with some romance and more humor.

Nara Rohith in his out and out mass hero character has shown his mark. Though this is a new terrain for him, he has shown ease. His new avatar has also helped him. Regina has played the role of a rich landlady’s niece and she is okay. Ramya Krishna in another strong role has lent credibility. But the film belongs to Prudhvi who has got full-length comedy role after a long time.

Kota Sreenivasa Rao is confined to a limited role but he is good as it is a familiar role for him to play an aged Don who allots work to people under him. Sana and Satya Krishna are seen in a few scenes. They have nothing much to do.Bigg Boss fame Diksha Panth is seen in a special song alongside Rohit.Comedian Srinivas Reddy plays the role of a drama company owner Chittu Babu. Sravya Reddy is seen as a member in his drama company. She entices with her beauty.

Final verdict of the film is, It is watchable for Rohit’s action, Prudhvi’s comedy, Regina’s glam show and beautiful visuals.