Movie Review: En Aaloda Seruppa Kaanom

RATING: 2.5/5

OVERVIEW: En Aaloda Seruppa Kaanom is an tamil comedy movie direction by Jaganath. The movie has Pandi, Anandi and Bala Saravanan in the lead roles.The story is revolving around the heroine and her pair of lost footwear. Krishnan falls in love with Sandhiya after an unforgettable incident with her. One fine morning, she missed her slippers in a bus journey. The same day her father captured as a hostage by militants in abroad. Sandhiya felt guilty about missing her slippers and started searching for them. There, Kithaan extending his hands to find out her slippers without revealing his identity.

REVIEW: Director Jagan has made honest attempt to present a one-sided love affair laced with huge doses of comedy. Jagan, who debuted as director with Vijay’s non-starter Pudhiya Geethai in 2003, has made things interesting in this film by commencing the movie with a song featuring comedian Yogi Babu.

It’s not an easy task at all to make a feature film with just a missing slipper and a one-sided love affair as its main themes. However, Jagan has tried his best to make things interesting to the viewers.

Yogi Babu’s comedy saves the film in the first-half which drags a lot in the second-half. Director’s take on religious beliefs and his film-making style of not hurting others’ religious sentiments is indeed laudable.

Yogi Babu as ‘Remo Ravi’ is surely one of the huge strengths of the film. His dialogues – especially at the Hospital and during the climax – are amazing. Cinematography and songs are another huge set of plus to the film. A couple of songs are melodious indeed. Background score is also good. Editor could have contributed more to make the film more interesting.

Final verdict of the film has an outdated concept, it is a decent family entertainer.