Shankar responded on Nandi awards controversy

Vastavam web: N.Shankar, the famous activist and filmmaker, has been vocal about Telangana state movement and many social issues right from the start of his career.He came to a debate on a famous News Channel and said, “Nandi Awards seem to be given to those who deserve mostly. I think the problem here is with Legend being honoured the best picture.The movie promoted violence and that’s the reason for this backlash. 5) Chiranjeevi worried about charan dancing skills
Vastavam web: Ram Charan Tej as established himself as one of the best dancers in Telugu Cinema.There were times, when Chiranjeevi worried, if Charan will dance well.Megastar Chiranjeevi made a name for himself as the best dancer among the heroes in 80’s and he started the trend of stylish dancing on screen by introducing more and more western forms.
Charan revealed how he has overcome it and became such a graceful dancer. He said, “Bunny and Shirish used to dance all the time. Bunny has been this best dancer right from his young age.He asked me to learn dancing but I wanted to learn acting. Before coming into movies, I slowly picked up on dances and father is happy today about my dancing.