Chiranjeevi worried about charan dancing skills

Vastavam web: Ram Charan Tej as established himself as one of the best dancers in Telugu Cinema. In every debate about dancers among the heroes, his name appears in the Top 5. But it is not same case all the time. There were times, when Chiranjeevi worried, if Charan will dance well.

Megastar Chiranjeevi made a name for himself as the best dancer among the heroes in 80’s and he started the trend of stylish dancing on screen by introducing more and more western forms. Such an actor’s son is expected to be a good dancer. But as an youngster Charan has been ultra shy and he never danced much. Even in Sangeeth of his elder sister, he danced only on the force of his father.

Charan revealed how he has overcome it and became such a graceful dancer. He said, “Bunny and Shirish used to dance all the time. Bunny has been this best dancer right from his young age. I couldn’t and  never worried about it. Father used to ask me dance as he wanted his son to have same skills like him. But he never forced me much about it. He asked me to learn dancing but I wanted to learn acting. Before coming into movies, I slowly picked up on dances and father is happy today about my dancing. He only allowed us to see movies and talk about them in front of him after tenth and till then, he asked to only concentrate on studies.”