Movie Review: Gruham


OVERVIEW: Krish (Siddharth) is a neuro surgeon happily living with his wife Lakshmi (Andrea). They have new neighbors in the house next door and their arrival brings a lot of problems to this family. Slowly everyone realises that the house next door is haunted and what happens after that reveals the entire story of the film.

REVIEW: The film has been co-written by Siddharth and Milind Rau. Apparently the writing has come out well and a lot of care has been taken in the screenplay. The screenplay has been interesting and the makers did a right thing by holding the twist till the end. The dialogues are good in the movie and they are meaningful. On a whole, the writing of the film is great.

Siddharth has two major shades in the movie. The first is usual lover boy role which he does with so much ease and charm even after a decade. The other shade is new for him, and it appears like he is overacting, but once one is used to the tone, it feels alright. For those who see Hollywood movies regularly, they can see the obvious inspiration.

After making debut with a sweet romantic drama, director Milind Rau shifts gears entirely to a horror genre for his second. The good thing here, and also a fact that can’t be missed here is, the director avoids the comedy wholly. Gruham is an out and out horror movie in the real sense.

Milind Rau knows his craft well and he has clear idea about how horror in films works. The film is quite similar to many Hollywood films that are based on possessed souls and exorcism, but Milind Rau gives it a unique touch with the emotional core. Milind’s direction is the main highlight of Gruham that sends many chills down the viewers’ spine at frequent intervals.

Cinematography is top notch. It is up there with the international standards. So is the music. Editing is sharp and VFX team has done a tremendous job. Siddharth didn’t compromise on the quality of the film. He made sure to make a quality product without compromising upon the technical brilliance.

Final verdict of the film is, It is one of the rarest films which will stick to the genre. Tipped to be a horror entertainer, the film Gruham stays unique and scares the audiences during every possible scene.