Ivanka Trump talk about her “pet project” to increase the child tax credit

Vastavam web: Yes, it turns out, there is something that chafes at the unflappable Ivanka Trump.The presidential daughter and adviser, in a “full-blown sprint” as she sells the Republican tax overhaul plan and juggles other initiatives, has had it with all that talk about her “pet project” to increase the child tax credit.”I get a little bit frustrated when people call it a pet project,” Trump told The Associated Press as she spent a day shuttling between events in multiple states. “This is a major project, this is not a pet project. This is a major initiative to ensure that there is meaningful middle-income tax relief for the American taxpayer.” From New Jersey, she was back on the train headed to Washington for a workforce development meeting.
The planes, trains and automobiles tour wasn’t glamorous.And it was a long way from her days as a celebrity heiress and personal brand booster. But meeting by meeting, Ivanka Trump is learning the ways of Washington.On her hop from New York to New Jersey, the first daughter settled into a commuter car with a small group of aides and Secret Service agents. She reviewed a speech for an upcoming trip to India and cut short her chat with the kids when she realized she was in the quiet car.Trump says she and husband Jared Kushner, a fellow White House adviser, have no plans to return to their old New York City life any time soon.Of her hectic Washington life, Trump says, “I believe you go through sprints and rests and we’re in a full-blown sprint.”
It is a mark of the importance the Trump administration attaches to achieving a tax overhaul that Ivanka Trump opted out of her father’s Asia trip to stay home and promote the GOP tax plan. On Monday she was at a fire hall in New Jersey with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.