Disney sued for copyright over ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ franchise

Vastavam web: Disney has been sued for copyright infringement over the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise.Screenwriters Lee Alfred II and Ezequiel Martinez Jr and producer Tova Laiter, filed the lawsuit in a federal court in Colorado alleging that the studio committed “willful infringement of plaintiff’s original copyrighted expression of themes, settings, dialogue, characters, plot, mood (and) sequence of events contained in an original spec screenplay entitled ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’.
“The opportunity to have a major film studio, such as defendants, take a screenwriter’s original spec screenplay and turn the work into a major motion picture is the ultimate dream. A Lee Alfred II and Ezequiel Martinez Jr almost realised that dream.However, the documents also state that Taylor had “suggested that the idea of a film based on the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ ride had been suggested over the years.