Movie Review: Detective


OVERVIEW: A school boy comes to the home-cum-office of private detective Advaith Bhushan (Vishal) asking him to find the person who killed his pet dog. He sees this as an interesting case and takes it up.As he and his friend Mano (Prasanna) try to solve the case, they sense that this is not just about the dog, there is a conspiracy. A criminal gang is behind many murders.The detective gets close to catching the gang, but the gang members and others get killed one by one.How the detective finally catches the main devil (Vinay) is what the film is all about.

REVIEW: It is not an easy character to pull off, but Vishal does it in style although it is entirely different from what he gets to play regularly. His body language, performance and typical mannerisms are perfectly in tune with the eccentric character. Prasanna as his close aide is reliable. Bhagyaraj gets an interesting role after a long time and he is good. Vinay as the villain Devil is menacing. Andrea is aptly cast.

Anu Emmanuel is lovely and scores well in her last scene (the line, ‘Nenu ippatiki pick pocket ne’, is heart-touching). Andrea as a ruthless gang member shows that she is quite adept at action. K Bhagyaraj (veteran filmmaker) as one of the villains makes a cool impact. The scene where he is killed by his own friend is movingly narrated.The big plusses are the beautiful visuals, attention to the detail, the symphony-style background score, impeccable art direction and well-choreographed stunts.

The screenplay is also flat as the audiences are blindly led by Vishal’s character who builds up his case even to the extent of revealing the villain’s background through dialogue. Somewhere in the second half, once Vishal and a police team start hunting for the thugs, the film becomes mildly hackneyed.The finale is superb with some excellent cuts and BGM, while the way Vishal intelligently saves himself from Vinay is gripping.

Technically, the film is top-rated with excellent cinematography and top-rated BG score. Director Mysskin who has made a terrific movie ‘Pisachi’ earlier has shown his trademark style but this one is mix of commercial moviemaking and his off-beat making.

Final verdict of the film is an investigative crime drama which has some interesting moments. A gripping second half and some decent performances are huge assets of this film. It has some thrilling episodes. The film is different from the regular thrillers.